Anonymous asked:

do you own anything from vs? like underwear or fragrance or anything? if so, could you sort of do a short review on it? :)

I answered:

I own a fair bit of various VS-attire, I wish I owned more but it’s pretty expensive over here and my local store hasn’t really been open that long.

In terms of Lingerie, I have:
2 x Dream Angels Bras.
One is a multi way, I love them both because they’re really comfortable and the designs are stunning, the multi way is my favourite because even if I choose to wear it strapless, it doesn’t slip down or become unsupportive.

2 x Body by Victoria Bras.
These are ridiculously comfortable, I own both a normal and a longline, and both sit fantastically and provide excellent support, it literally feels like you’re wearing nothing!

1 x Very Sexy Bra.
This is longline and it’s beautiful, I only wear it on special occasions because it provides a little more ‘va va boom’ than I’d like for every day, but it’s still extremely comfortable.

I own various PINK undies, my favourite style is the Cheekini, they’re really comfortable and I don’t normally like Cheekini’s on account of them having a tendency to ‘wedgie,’ these however, don’t.

I have an ‘Incredible sports bra that really does the trick, it’s lightweight and comfortable, but also provides the support that us ‘larger-up-top’ girls need, I’ve struggled getting a good sports bra for years, and I was pleasantly surprised when this one worked so well!

PINK Yoga pants are wonderful, they feel amazing and I have been known to sleep in them from time to time, and they don’t ride up or pull down when you’re doing Yoga either, so there’s no embarrassing occurrences in the sport aspect.

I have 1847539295900 body sprays from VS, and I love them all, my only criticism would be that the scent doesn’t really last that long from the majority of them, particularly ‘Such a Flirt,’ which is a shame because that’s my favourite, but they’re good for a quick spritz!

Hope this helped!

When it’s okay to put other people’s posts on weheartit:

 Anonymous asked:

Can you post a selfie? :)

I answered:

I would, but there are already far too many pictures of my face on here. 🙊

Just put ‘/tagged/me’ after my URL. :)
 Anonymous asked:

Get obsessed with models?! People will soon be getting obsessed with you. Where abouts in the UK you from?

I answered:

I really hope not! I don’t like attention, it makes me cringe!
I’m around the Liverpool area.

 Anonymous asked:

You're gorgeous. That is all

I answered:

Oh, thank you! 😮